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As an eyewear concierge...

Shop Staff

As an Eyewear Concierge…

We recommend the best pair of glasses based on our customers’ fashion sense and lifestyle. To this end, we listen to the wishes of individual customers and recommend the optimum frames, lenses approach to usage and more.

As professionals in customer service, fashion coordination and eyewear fields, we provide our customers with reassurance, security and high quality service.

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Providing High Quality Service to Customers

OWNDAYS has established an internal qualification system called “eyewear processing and testing practitioner”, where we conduct internal training and qualification tests to evaluate and assess each staff member using a resultant “grade” so that we can provide better services to our customers.

Eyewear Processing and Testing Engineer

Confidently providing highly skilled progressive lens processing.

Without sacrificing product quality, we can provide your glasses as fast as 20 minutes and replace the lenses of frames from another shop.

3rd grade This grade is given to the staff members who have gained required knowledge in relation to eyewear and exhibit great thoughtfulness as well as good manners when serving customers.
2nd grade In addition to the 3rd grade, holders of the 2nd grade are shop manager level personnel who have acquired high level practical skills such as lens processing and eye examination skills.
Holders of the 3rd grade need to accumulate three months or more of experience before they sit the test for the 2nd grade.
1st grade This is a high level grade for those who possess specialist knowledge and skills related to eyewear and can support staff training and education. Holders of the 2nd grade need to have accumulated six or more months of experience before allowed to take the test for the 1st grade.
Special grade This is the highest grade set for an eyewear processing and testing engineer. Holders of the 1st grade need to have three-year or more experience before they sit the test for the special grade.

Floor staff certification

This is a mandatory qualification for our floor staff that came about to increase not only eyewear-related skills and knowledge but also customer service skills in order to provide reassurance to our customers when they make a purchase.

When staff members obtain this certification, they are given an original pin badge to wear. You can see it shining alongside the name plate when a staff member greets you in one of our shops.

Floor staff certification These staff members have a full understanding of the details of our services, such as knowledge of products and prices, and are able to provide customers with a reassuring level of service.
To obtain certification, candidates must pass both a written and a practical examination.
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